If Your Website Doesn't Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers, It's Time For A New Type Of Website!

Should I Have A Lead Converting Home Inspection Website?


Simply stated... to convert your website visitors into paying customers! A website conversion occurs when qualified leads complete the desired action on your website, like making a purchase or filling out a scheduling form. 

Our home inspector client's business websites generate quality leads that turn visitors into paying customers 24/7.

Here Are A Few Other Reasons To Have A Converting Home Inspection Website.

Converting sites are a great way to attract new customers and grow your home inspection business

They allow you to showcase your products or services in a way that the homebuyer convinces themselves that you are the inspector to keep them from buying the money pit

You can track how many leads you generate through your website, allowing you to measure its effectiveness

A lead converting home inspection website is a great investment for your home inspection business

We’ve had great success with our Savvy website. I bounced around between 3 companies, leaving because of my dissatisfaction with the others. Found the Savvy 3+ years ago and haven’t looked back! We rank among the top of the most relevant searches every time.

Brandon Mountain To Sound Home Inspections

We are so happy we hired the Savvy Inspector for our Online Marketing Services. Our website is top-notch. I have named Google as our best friend for referrals because of the work the Savvy has done for us on our website and SEO. Our leads from the internet have increased from 2% to over 10% and this will keep increasing over time. Some realtors hand out 3 names to their clients and we always impress them with our web presence and reviews over the other two. I would recommend everyone to hire The Savvy, except my local competitors! 

Julie About Your Home Inspections

We are so grateful to TSI for helping us update our website and increase our online visibility. As a result of their help and guidance we able to add a 5-star package service to give more value to our clients. Now our clients are able to schedule this service online with ease. The coaching and digital marketing services have exceeded our expectations.

Reshema Dream Home Inspections

If you are not using TSI’s Online Marketing Services you really should. Things don’t happen overnight but they do happen. I was impatient at the beginning, as Beth T. Compton can testify to, but things are really starting to happen. I have done over half the inspection so far this year than I did last year and it’s still early in the year. That means that if things keep up I will be doing 4 times the inspections this year.


We are getting things in place right now to start hiring inspectors and an outside marketing person. Went from almost giving up last November to really moving forward now. TSI’s online marketing services are the best thing that could have happened to us. Thank you SAVVY! 

Michael ALLIN Home Inspections

My website looks Fantastic! And I’ve already gotten a home inspection from it and it hasn’t been up a week. I’ve also had a phone call from a Google search where they had filled out the form on my website!
Thank you Savvy, Paul, Blackstone Property Inspections 

Paul Blackstone Property Inspections

Ken Compton is awesome but he can’t do what he does without his team. The team is top-notch. I was a single-man shop and wanted to grow. I didn’t know a thing about marketing. I am a home inspector, not a marketer. I searched online and found the Savvy Inspector in 2014. Since then, my business has more than doubled as a direct result of the Savvy Inspector and their “Online Marketing” service package. 


They have done it all while I continue to do what I do, Inspect. My role is changing now due to the growth. I no longer inspect 5 days a week. I am a multi-inspector firm. I can never thank Ken, Beth, and the entire Savvy team enough for what you have done for me and my family. On top of all that, you guys are really fun to hang out with!! The future is bright with the Savvy Team!!

Raymond Hawkeye Home Inspections

9 Elements of Conversion

Now let’s look at how to maximize your marketing process to convert online leads.

There are nine elements of conversion, in this marketing strategy, that must be on your home inspection website’s homepage to make it a converting website and increase your online sales. 

1. Effective Home Inspection Marketing Sales Copy

Home Inspectors must share with their website visitors what is in it for them by doing business with you to generate leads. One of the most important aspects of this strategy is to tell consumers why they should hire you to do their home inspection.

With competitions getting tougher and tougher, how would you even stand a chance to get noticed by your prospect? This is where search engine optimization comes in.

An effective sales copy plus a time-tested search engine optimization technique increases your chance of converting leads to sales.

2. Social Proof Your Home Inspection Business

You need lots of  Positive Reviews from your clients. Home inspection companies need to put their best reviews on the front page of your home inspection marketing website and acquire new reviews consistently.

As we mentioned earlier, you need to map out a lead generation process to ensure conversion. Just because you converted a follower into a customer doesn’t mean that you’re not going to continue your lead generation tactics. Trust and transparency are going to play a pivotal role in gaining traction in the industry.

Nurture prospective customers by making sure they are satisfied with your product or service. 

3. Expertise Proving Videos

Produce helpful home inspector marketing videos for your potential leads to make an informed buying decision and continue to help them after they have purchased your services.

Building online authority for small businesses might be a challenging endeavor, but most marketing specialists will tell you that the secret behind successful conversion lies within your expertise.

Make use of your assets. Real estate agents can become a huge part of your marketing videos. The objective is to identify your prospects’ pain points, then offer a solution. Not just any solution but solid solutions that come from certified real estate professionals.

4. Who You Are

Include: Who you are, don’t forget your home inspectors, add pictures of you and your sales team working on inspections, bios, headshots/team pictures of you and your team. Include an about us page and a meet the team page.

5. What You Offer

Your Services; to get more leads describe why each of your services is important to the homebuyer.  Always include an example of your inspection report.

Even your landing pages say a lot about what you do so invest time in creating landing pages that sell. Be mindful of your site pages. The first few seconds are going to be crucial in your bid to attract the prospect’s attention.

6. Sample Inspection Report

So you’ve got a hold of your visitor’s contact information. Now what? Since you’ve poked their curiosity, they need valuable information to decide whether or not they should consider your service.

Home inspectors should always include an example of the inspection report; this is extremely valuable content for your target audience. Detailed reports of home inspections will give your target audience an idea of how you get things done.

7. Your Guarantee

Identify a way to reduce the prospect’s risk of working with you. There are cases when home inspections don’t go as planned because of circumstances beyond your control. This doesn’t mean, however, that you will not do anything to improve your service.

It’s important to have your prospects’ best interests at heart. Increase conversions by offering a guarantee. A guarantee proves that you’re confident with the quality of your work. 

8. Multiple Ways To Contact You

The home inspector needs to list all the ways for your potential clients to contact you, including adding a contact information page. Your contact info matters so include as many details as you can so prospects will have access to multiple communication channels like email, Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media platforms.

Your Facebook page, for example, should include all the necessary information your prospect needs to get to know who you are and what you do.

Adding multiple contact information to your website is a great way to make sure your customers can reach you. By adding your phone number, email address, and social media information, you can make it easy for them to get in touch with you. This is especially important for your business, as it can help you build customer trust and loyalty.  

9. A Way To Schedule Online: Not An Email Form

A “Schedule Now” page should be used for convenience in scheduling an appointment with your firm at the time the homebuyer is on your website.


A converting home inspection marketing website is essential to any inspection business that’s wanting to skip Real Estate Agent Referrals and go direct to the public for business.

But the majority of the home inspection websites we’ve reviewed over the last several years make 5 deadly home inspection marketing mistakes that prevent the site from converting potential customers into paying clients.

Homebuyers looking for home inspections online will only spend a few seconds glancing at your website, and if your site doesn’t speak to their problems right away, they’re hitting the back browser button at the speed of light and moving on to your competitor’s website! Ouch! 

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