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Increase Your Sales And Profits

Want to increase your sales and profits in your local market; then consider redirecting your resources into Digital marketing. You reach highly targeted leads at a fraction of the cost of other Marketing Strategies. The Savvy Inspector Digital Marketing Team is here to help home inspectors make that happen! Our experts will help you create a home inspector marketing strategy that will increase the visibility of what you have to offer. Click below to get started generating more home inspections now! 

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Depend Less On Real Estate Agents' Referrals

Can't get on the real estate professionals' office's "approved vendors list," but do you still need additional home inspections? What are you going to do? Go Direct To The Public via the internet, of course! The Savvy Inspector Digital Marketing Team is here to help home inspection companies get more home inspections! Our experts will help you create a home inspector marketing strategy that will increase the visibility of what you have to offer and lessen your dependence on real estate agents' referrals. Click below to get started now!

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Become A Lead Generating Machine

Have difficulty keeping your schedule full, like so many other home inspection companies are? If so, maybe you need to redirect your resources into Digital Marketing Strategies. Don't know how to make that happen? No problem, The Savvy Inspector Digital Marketing Team is here to help your home inspection company! Our experts will help you create a home inspector marketing strategy that will increase the visibility of what you have to offer. Click below to get started now!

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We Make It Easy For Home Buyers To
Find You Online

Looking for an easy way to get your home inspection business online? Look no further! We Make It Easy For Home Buyers To Find You Online.

If you are a home inspector business owner and want to be found by potential homebuyers, you need effective SEO; search engine optimization. The Savvy Inspector knows how to make your home inspector website appear at the top of search engines with the right keywords and strategies. And we’re not just talking about any old website traffic; we’re talking about converting that targeted traffic into leads and sales. Our Digital Marketing Service Team will help you get found online, attract more leads, and win more customers. Get started improving your home inspection marketing today with our free website analysis! 

I just thought to do a quick search of “Minneapolis Home Inspections” on my browser. I am thrilled to find Thompson Inspections came up in the first place on page one! What a surprise! Excellent work.! Thanks to everyone for working on our behalf. Have a great week 

Jeff Thompson Home Inspections

Most of our calls are from home buyers. They search the internet and because “TSI Digital Marketing Services” continue to do a wonderful job at keeping us ranking high, clients call. Also, our awesome website gets lots of compliments, and clients are finding us. I love our agents but, we love that clients are finding us via searching the internet. Thank you, TSI Services.

Wanda ACF Home Inspection

Thank you, Beth Compton, co-owner of Savvy Inspector for your outstanding dedication to resurrecting my website https://dynamichomeinspections.com/ and aiding my company Dynamic Home Inspections to be visible on the first page of internet searches pertinent to my industry home inspection.

I may have been a particularly challenging customer but Beth and the Savvy Team have been patient, willing, and able to guide me in the right direction. I get the basics of website building and search engine optimization however, I am far better at working at what I do best. Rather than spending hours upon hours attempting to get the desired results of Internet exposure the knowledgeable Savvy Team is able to expedite and accomplish this quickly. 

Patrick Dynamic Home Inspections

April was a very good month and we are booking into May so hopefully, it will be even better. We are doing more and more FSBO inspections. We are getting calls because of TSI’s Digital Marketing Services and our online presence that they are doing for us. 

Michael All In Home Inspections

I just wanted to let you know I can see a big change in my online performance. I am getting inspections from it. We have 7 inspections tomorrow and are going to round out the week with 26 inspections. That’s insane and we are almost full for next week…

I think if this keeps up, I may have to do a price increase and this during a pandemic!!! Wonder what it would be like if we weren’t going through it? I also picked up a big, heavy hitter Realtor and that is awesome!

I’m also considering hiring someone like my son, who has been training with me is now doing inspections on his own. He loves what he does without a doubt. He’s gotten really good at the inspection. In fact, he had a first-time home buyer, who is like 30-something years old and my 21-year old was telling him all the things he found. The client called me up and said how impressed he was with Josh considering how young he is. Made Rita and me really happy.

I just wanted to say Thanks to You and my Online Marketing Services Team, it’s been a great year so far and it’s exceeding last year’s inspection revenue big time!!!

Ted Quality Home Inspections

We hosted and cared for our own website prior to signing on with the Savvy Inspector’s online marketing services. We had no idea the boat we were missing. Today, we have clients tell us all the time that they found our website on the internet and picked us over a competitor due to the reviews we have on our website.

But it isn’t just clients – we have Realtors that go online and book with us when their home inspector can’t do the inspection. Actually, we just had a Realtor find us online because her regular home inspector backed out on her for a property that was a 14,000 sq ft house. Of course, we will gladly do it. She picked us over our competitors due to the high number of reviews and that each of our inspectors had great reviews. She says she will be using us going forward.

TSI’s online marketing services makes everything so easy for us so we can focus ON the business. Thank you, Ken and Beth, and the entire TSI Team!!!

Dave About Your Home Inspection

We Design Your Website To
Turn Visitors Into Paying Customers

Home Inspection websites that converts visitors into paying customers is essential to home inspection companies that want to Go Direct To The Public For Business.

But the majority of the home inspection marketing websites we’ve reviewed over the last several years make five deadly home inspection marketing mistakes that prevent the site from converting homebuyers into paying customers.  

Homebuyers looking for a home inspector online will only spend a few seconds glancing at your home inspection website. If your site doesn’t speak to their problems right away, they’re hitting the back browser button at the speed of light and moving on to your competitor’s website! Ouch!

Just Click The Button Below To Discover How We Can Help Your Website Convert More Homebuyers Into Paying Customers!

We’ve had great success with our Savvy website. I bounced around between 3 companies, leaving because of my dissatisfaction with the others. Found the Savvy 3+ years ago and haven’t looked back! We rank among the top of the most relevant searches every time.

Brandon Mountain To Sound Home Inspections

We are so happy we hired the Savvy Inspector for our Online Marketing Services. Our website is top-notch. I have named Google as our best friend for referrals because of the work the Savvy has done for us on our website and SEO. Our leads from the internet have increased from 2% to over 10% and this will keep increasing over time. Some realtors hand out 3 names to their clients and we always impress them with our web presence and reviews over the other two. I would recommend everyone to hire The Savvy, except my local competitors! 

Julie About Your Home Inspections

We are so grateful to TSI for helping us update our website and increase our online visibility. As a result of their help and guidance we able to add a 5-star package service to give more value to our clients. Now our clients are able to schedule this service online with ease. The coaching and digital marketing services have exceeded our expectations.

Reshema Dream Home Inspections

If you are not using TSI’s Online Marketing Services you really should. Things don’t happen overnight but they do happen. I was impatient at the beginning, as Beth T. Compton can testify to, but things are really starting to happen. I have done over half the inspection so far this year than I did last year and it’s still early in the year. That means that if things keep up I will be doing 4 times the inspections this year.


We are getting things in place right now to start hiring inspectors and an outside marketing person. Went from almost giving up last November to really moving forward now. TSI’s online marketing services are the best thing that could have happened to us. Thank you SAVVY! 

Michael ALLIN Home Inspections

My website looks Fantastic! And I’ve already gotten a home inspection from it and it hasn’t been up a week. I’ve also had a phone call from a Google search where they had filled out the form on my website!
Thank you Savvy, Paul, Blackstone Property Inspections 

Paul Blackstone Property Inspections

Ken Compton is awesome but he can’t do what he does without his team. The team is top-notch. I was a single-man shop and wanted to grow. I didn’t know a thing about marketing. I am a home inspector, not a marketer. I searched online and found the Savvy Inspector in 2014. Since then, my business has more than doubled as a direct result of the Savvy Inspector and their “Online Marketing” service package. 


They have done it all while I continue to do what I do, Inspect. My role is changing now due to the growth. I no longer inspect 5 days a week. I am a multi-inspector firm. I can never thank Ken, Beth, and the entire Savvy team enough for what you have done for me and my family. On top of all that, you guys are really fun to hang out with!! The future is bright with the Savvy Team!!

Raymond Hawkeye Home Inspections

The Most Important Piece Of Real Estate On The Internet For Home Inspectors Is Your Google Business Profile
(aka Google My Business)!

Google My Business is the most powerful piece of real estate on the internet today for home inspection companies. Google currently holds more than 92% of the search engine market share!

As you know, home inspection companies are local businesses, and they need local leads, and GMB was designed specifically for that purpose; to display the home inspection services you offer. 

So your “Google Business Profile” (GMB) is an essential tool for home inspector that want to be found online locally. It’s the perfect way of getting your home inspection in front of customers looking at local listings. It provides them with valuable information about your home inspection services, so people can reach out and purchase from you!

The Savvy Inspector’s Digital Marketing Team can make your home inspection firm stand out in local search, thereby getting you more targeted local leads.

Get the process started with our no-cost home inspection website analysis by clicking on the button below!

The same old thing, a client from Washington State calls to book an inspection. She found us on Google and said “I hear a lot of people saying great things about you” BOOM, “TSI’s Online Marketing Services”!!! Thanks, TSI Team

Rob Sure Thing Home Inspections

It’s a huge help having a company with Inspection experience handle your online marketing. Every business is not the same, and cannot be marketed in the same ways. They understand this and most importantly understand the trials and difficulties of running a service industry business. They know- because they’ve been there. 

John Oceanbreeze Home Inspections

Thank you for all of the help, the lengthy and detailed explanations, the video tutorials, and so much more on google my business. You guys are obviously very talented at what you do and I have a lot to learn

James Sacramento Home Inspections

Want To Convert More Home Inspection Leads Into Paying Customers?
If So, Reputation Marketing Is The Key!

Reputation marketing is the process of managing and improving your home inspection online reputation. This can be accomplished by actively monitoring mentions of your home inspection business all across the web, responding to reviews (good and bad), and Proactively generating positive content about your home inspection firm.

A strong online reputation can do wonders for your home inspection. It can attract new customers, help you build trust with potential clients, and give your home inspection company a serious edge over your local competition.

The benefits of Reputation Marketing are too great to ignore. Strong home inspection branding and a positive online presence will help you attract more leads to your home inspection services, plus close more sales.

Let The Savvy Inspector Digital Marketing Specialists help get you started.

Just click on the Button Below to Schedule your No Cost, 30-Minute Consultation with our Team!

I ask for reviews daily from my clients and agents. Thanks to you and your online marketing team, I’ve collected over 71 five-star reviews this year! 

Kevin Clear View Inspection Group

Started your Digital Marketing Services in December and it has been a great investment for my business! I noticed more reviews coming in and traffic has picked up big time from last year. My son is killing it at 21. He is getting referrals and picking up the younger agents.

Ted Quality Home Inspections

Beth Compton, Jeanne Wells, and the whole TSI Team, I want to say thank you. What you do for my business is greatly appreciated. We received a significant increase in Reviews, Facebook Engagement, and Reach. Your dedication to home inspector marketing is amazing!

Kyle Royal T. Home Services

Just cannot say enough great things about the Online Marketing Services from the Savvy. Going from a one-man shop to a multi-inspector I needed services to help grow me and my business. The Savvy helped my business double the last two years in a row! This service has also built a positive reputation for my brand and customer loyalty. 

Rob Sure Thing Home Inspections

Social Media Marketing

With so many people using social media today, it’s one of the most effective channels for promoting your home inspection business.

Social media marketing is a powerful way for home inspector to reach home buyers, home sellers, and your prior clients. People discover, learn about, follow, and buy from brands on social media. As a home inspector, if you’re not on the largest social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you’re missing out on many potential leads! 

If you’re looking to grow your home inspection business, effective marketing on social media could be one of the keys that open the door for you. Not only can social media create devotees of your brand, but it can also drive leads through referrals from those fans.

Homeowners and potential buyers are on social media all of the time. If you’re not there, the chances are that your competitors will be.

Home Inspection Marketing by Google
Home Inspection Marketing by Instagram
Facebook - Home Inspection Marketing for Facebook

The savvy inspector does my digital marketing services which include my website, newsletters, social media, Google My Business, etc… They do a great job and I am very pleased with their service.

Jesse Xtra Mile Home Inspection Services

I appreciate all you all have done. TSI’s Social Media Maintenance Program has been really good and really helped me get started with my online presence. 

Brian BrickKicker Inspection Services

The Savvy Inspectors’ digital marketing services are a huge part of our success since we don’t have to worry about our newsletter, website, social media, and more.  

Melissa SEC Inspection Services

Since joining The Savvy Inspector in 2007, I’ve kept my schedule full. Now that I’m using their online marketing services, my schedule will be full without marketing to the realtors as much. They handle my social media and make my company look really professional. Thanks, Savvy!

Dan SEC Inspections

The Savvy Inspector is great. They handle all my social media and manage my website. I highly recommend them!

Tony Trusted Advisor Home Inspections

 I truly appreciate the Savvy’s Online Marketing Services! I am totally overwhelmed by social media and I love that I don’t have to worry about it now. Our agents comment all the time about how they like all the helpful posts we make and I just smile knowing that Beth and her team are doing that for us.

Jennifer Texas Best Inspections

Video Marketing Is A Home Inspector's
Best Lead Generation Friend!

Video Marketing Is A Home Inspectors Lead Generation Dream

All home inspector need to understand that content is king for their digital marketing strategies. However, it’s not just about what content you create, but how and where your creations live on the internet that matters as well. 

Video has become one of the most popular content forms in today’s world, and video is not likely to be going anywhere soon because people crave connection and personality when they watch videos. 

A video is a powerful tool for home inspection businesses of all sizes. Not only does it offer an opportunity to connect with your target audience, but using video as part of your overall home inspection marketing strategy has proven to increase results in lead generation, conversions, and building brand loyalty!

If you’re ready to generate more home inspector leads from video, then Schedule A Free 30-Minute Strategy Session With One Of Our Digital Marketing Strategy 

The marketing team at the Savvy Inspector is like none I’ve ever worked with before. They are great and take the time to go into depth with what they are doing and plan to do as well as what I need to do to become more successful online. This is by far the best marketing team I have worked with and they really care about your success. Very happy so far!!

Patrick Dynamic Home Inspections

Thanks for the videos you post and share on our YouTube channel and social media and everything you guys are doing! They look really good and many people are noticing!

Luis Genesis Home Inspections

Find Out How We Can Help You Grow Your
Home Inspection Business

We Put Your Lead Generation On Auto Pilot

The problem most home inspectors experience with lead generation is inconsistency. So we aren't surprised to hear this from home inspectors; "When I'm Marketing, I'm Not Inspecting, And When I'm Inspecting, I'm Not Marketing!" Therefore, these home inspectors face wild swings in their monthly revenue. You can change this situation by teaming up with The Savvy Inspector because we generate quality leads for you 365 Days Of The Year, and we serve home inspectors exclusively!

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We Are Your Digital Marketing Partner

In the book the One Thing, Gary Keller is adamant that the key to exceptional success is focusing every day on the “One Thing” that’s most important for achieving your goal, rather than going off in multiple directions. So here’s the question; Is the best use of your limited time learning Digital Marketing Strategies? Why not focus on what you do best, and turn your Digital Marketing Strategies over to The Savvy Inspector, Your Digital Marketing Partner. We will generate targeted quality leads for you every day of the year while you focus on other critical issues in your home inspection.

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We Serve Home Inspectors Exclusively

There are lots of companies that can build you a home inspection website. However, one of the critical things their sites don't do well is convert leads into paying customers. Their website copy is all wrong. The sites they build showcase the home inspector instead of focusing on why the home buyer should choose you over all the other inspectors in your local market. The reason is, that they don't know what it takes to convert home inspection prospects into paying customers, because they serve a variety of industries. The Savvy Inspector serves home inspector exclusively, since 2006 and we can solve your home inspection website lead conversion problem!

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Our Clients Get More Qualified Leads That Help Them Achieve Their Goals In The Home Inspection Business!

The Savvy Inspector's Digital Marketing Strategies are proven effective in getting home inspectors, not just leads, but highly targeted leads, that are ready to purchase.

We furnish our Digital Marketing clients a monthly report that details how many quality leads we generated for them and where those home inspection leads came from. The beauty of our digital strategies is that these quality leads are all organically generated, proving that paid ads aren’t necessary to have a successful online lead generation campaign. 

The growth my business has experienced in the last 4 years with The Savvy Inspector has been tremendous. I have gone from being a solopreneur working hard for my money to having a legitimate and often passive business expecting to gross over $1,000,000 next year. 

I find the TSI coaches and other members very accessible and open to helping. If you are a home inspector looking to kick your business into high growth mode, I highly suggest The Savvy Inspector coaching program as well as their Online Marketing Services.

Chris Liberty Inspection Group

I cannot be happier with the Savvy Inspector Team. They do most of my online marketing for me, website, newsletters, social media, etc… they do a superior job and I am very pleased with their service

Jesse Xtra Mile Home Inspection Services

The Savvy Inspector does a great job for us. We have been with them since 2008 when the market crashed. Honestly, finding them, was the best thing that happened for us. They take care of our newsletters. Also, online marketing services. Their service is excellent. If you need help, they are there. They take care of our social media accts: FB Page post, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google, Twitter, SEO, and much much more. 

They do it all for us. We even had them design our website. We let them do, what they do best so we can continue to do what we do best. We would not have it any other way. You will be very happy with the outcome.

Luis & Wanda ACF Home Inspection Inspections

The best thing we ever did was join The Savvy Inspector. We have learned how to balance our referral sources, get lots of reviews, and organize and run a business. Definitely reach out to The Savvy Inspector if you have plans to grow your business.  

Brandon Idaho Elite Home Inspections

I was speaking to another home inspector about commercial inspection marketing and I told him much of our success is not due to our actions but due to the advice from The Savvy Inspector and the efforts of their online marketing services.

Tod Metro Boston Inspection Services

I am so glad I decided to invest in the monthly newsletter! I did an inspection for this customer 2-years ago. Read what she had to say.  “Good morning Kevin, We used your company for an inspection on a home we purchased 2 years ago and I am so glad we did. The emails and friendly words of encouragement that we have received with seasonal reminders and safety/health recommendations have not gone unnoticed. It really defines the kind of company you are during a time when it has been hard to see if there is still ‘good’ in the world. Thank you.”  From an Appreciative Customer.

Kevin Clear View Home Inspection

I started out in the home inspection business because one of my buddies talked me into it, but I was ready for a career where I could make more money if I worked harder.  I now manage my business and team and we are doing 55 to 60 inspections a week.  The Savvy Inspector has amazing online marketing services.  I can’t thank The Savvy enough for what all of your team has done for me and continues to do.  My life would look drastically different if it weren’t for this team.

Malcolm Chattanooga Home Inspector

I’ve had multiple agents and clients mention how they read my newsletter every month and love it. It’s an easy way to stay in front of them. All automated and requires no work on my part. That’s called delegation!! This is way less expensive and time-consuming than doing it on my own. I even read them and learn stuff.

Raymond Hawkeye Home Inspections

Our Clients Love Our Customer Support
And You Will Too

We know that other Digital Marketing Companies (that don't serve home inspectors exclusively) claim they have great customer service; if their claim is true, why do you have to call 1-800-Good Luck to try to talk with them when needed?

At The Savvy Inspector, we have great customer service; at least our clients think so. Below are a few reviews that we have received from our customers about how we have helped them solve their issues. 

Please take a minute a look at the repeating themes within those reviews: Thank you for always being available to help when needed; The best part is they truly care about you and your business, are easy to talk to and work with; Cannot say enough good things about the communication they have with my team on every aspect of their online marketing service; Professional and prompt service. 

When you become a Savvy Inspector Client, you can look forward to the same friendly, reliable customer service that our current clients receive.

So there is one thing left for you to do, Click on the Button Below to Schedule Your No-Cost 30-Minute Strategy Session. This is where the magic begins! 

First, thank you for taking the time to assist Acadiana Home Inspectors in response to the negative review. Ken, you did a great job on the response. We don’t get many of these and you helped make a stressful situation more tolerable. Thank you for always being available to help when needed. We appreciate being a part of The Savvy Inspector. 

Keith Acadiana Home Inspectors

We have been using the Savvy Inspector for quite a few years now. The Savvy has helped us grow our business in so many areas. Without the Savvy helping us with our online presence and marketing we would not be where we are at today. 


The best part is they truly care about you and your business, easy to talk to and work with. I have to give a big shout-out to Jeannie Wells at the Savvy who has gone above and beyond to help us. It’s people like Jeannie that make you believe that the human factor is still alive in business today. Thank you

Robin Rod Inspects

I have been with the Savvy Inspector for three years and use their services. Cannot say enough good things about the communication they have with my team on every aspect of their online marketing service. Professional and prompt service and I see my ROI every month.

Rob Sure Thing Home Inspections

I want to let you know how happy I am working with The Savvy Inspector team on ActiveCollab. For the first time in years, I feel in control of what is on the web and I am able to add content easily. It almost makes me enjoy creating content. Thank you so much

TodMetro Boston Inspection Services

How frustrating when your email system fails you and you’re trying to run a business. Knowing you don’t have the knowledge or skills to correct the issues that cause the emails to stop working. During our frustration with Outlook, we tried everything, on our end, to get it up and running. We were not successful. The issues were too complicated for us to fix. So, who do we call? TSI, for help. 

I thank God for the TSI team. Kudos to Beth Compton and her IT expert, Rhon. I’m sure they spent countless hours looking into what went wrong and trying to resolve the issue. But in the process of trying to fix the issue with Outlook, Beth recommend we switch to GSuites. 

With us on board, Beth and Rhon, were able to switch us over very quickly. We woke up the next morning to find that our emails are up and running via GSuites, once again. 

Hallelujah! I am now able to learn how to use GSuites to our business advantage. Yay! Thank you again to our “Lifesavers” Beth and Rhon. You do not realize how much we appreciate TSI, especially you both, for taking our frustrating situation off our shoulders, resolving our email nightmare, and making us whole again.

Luis ACF Home Inspection

After a year of trying to juggle our business and keeping up with all the social media, as well as trying different SEO companies, we found The Savvy Inspector website through Pinterest. 

After reading some great reviews, we decided it would be money well spent to join TSI. We also decided recently to sign up with the online marketing services as part of TSI. Ken, Beth, and the TSI team were probably presented with some challenges trying to clean up everything we had done on the internet, but they have done an awesome job. 

I always enjoy speaking with the TEAM and we hang up thinking why didn’t we do this sooner. Just in the short time we have been working with TSI, we have been able to see an increase in our online presence, as well as utilizing all the tools recommended. We are looking forward to accomplishing our goal of becoming a multi-inspector firm in the near future with the help of The Savvy Inspector.

Jeff & Amanda HK Inspections
5/5 (1 Review)